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​​Do you own a beauty or health establishment?
Learn more about new regulations that may affect your business
​ ​ ​An overview of Beauty and Health Establishment regulations
The Beauty & Health Establishment Order 2016 has been effective as of 1st January 2016.  Understand the key points and what this means for your business.

Application and Inspection Process
Starting up a new beauty or health establishment in Brunei Darussalam involves a simple process. Find out more about the application and inspection process here.
Guidelines and Conditions
Learn more about the guidelines for starting a business in the Beauty & Health industry in Brunei Darussalam and the conditions related to the new Beauty & Health Establishment License (Lesen EKK).
Assessment criteria for inspections
Towards promoting fairness and transparency, a new point-based demerit system – “PEKKa” – will be put in place for inspections of Beauty & Health establishment premises. Understand what inspectors look out for and what are classified as major or minor offences.